Thursday, July 5, 2012

It happened again...

Time for another round of "Things That Happened While I Wasn't Here." This past weekend we did a big family trip up to Mackinaw City, or Hangtown as I like to call it. There was FIFTEEN of us up there.
Left to right: Dustin, Me, Grammy, Wes, Papa Dale, Uncle Mike, My Dad, Brenna, My Mom, Daisy, Aunt Jenn, Kayla, Tyler, Staci & Sam
We crossed the Mackinaw Bridge over into St. Ignace for a car show & to explore a little. (I feel like I didn't really get to explore much though. Felt really rushed because everyone wanted to do something different.) So when the bulk of us got across the bridge we sat down for dinner here at this fancy diner I don't remember the name of... haha oops. But the food was delicious, and the service was pretty quick for a group of 15! 

While we were waiting for our food me, Tyler & Daisy went out for a walk on the pier and found this gem:

Now I say "gem" because it is a very known fact in my family that my sister (their Mom) is a HUGE Michigan fan. Me, I'm a state fan, so anytime I can rub it in her face I DO! (though I found out after my precious little niece Daisy sings a song that goes "Michigan State is the team we HATE" on the bus, my eyes peed a little)

Here's a few more from our short time in St. Ignace.

Yea I know... St. Ingace is pretty much the bomb-dot-com... You should definitely go there sometime soon :)

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